Qantas 4A10 (black line)

Looks like National Photo has sold its stake in Qantas. The 4A10 code is on the bottom left of the bag.

Thanks to James Mangan. (2004)


Qantas 4A10

Like the bag above, only without the short black line on the reverse. (picky, picky...)

Thanks to James Mangan. (2004)


Qantas Q1

After a sponsorless few months, Extrafilm has bought out rights to the Qantas franchise.

How do we know it's from Qantas? It says so on the bottom left corner on the reverse, and there's a "Q1" printed just under the "$5.95 per roll".

This offer expires on 15.03.06. Make sure you sign the declaration saying that you haven't included any explosives, flammables, corrosives or aerosols in the bag before sending your puke off for processing.

Thanks to Ilse Köhler-Rollefson (2005)


Qantas V1

It doesn't actually say this bag is from Qantas. And there's the code V1 just under where it says "$5.95 per roll!". But my sister says she got it from a Qantas flight, and who am I to question her memory of what airline she flew on?

Thanks to Annabelle Mundy (2005)

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