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Below is a machine translation (courtesy of Google) of an article that appeared on page 73 of Die Welt am Sonntag (a major quality German Sunday newspaper) on 2 January 2005.

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Not at all badly

The spitting bag makes career - artful arranged, it rises to to the culture bag and collecting object

of Soenke Krueger

Do you belong to the aircraft passengers, who take the mouth rather fully? Those gladly a souvenir from the airplane to go along leave? Some Faible for modern art have? If the answer reads "", you should fly in the next months with the British airline Virgin Atlantic. And right after entering the bag in their front seat pluendern (if you are unobserved: also your seat neighbor), in order to secure itself one of the most interesting implements to have those at present in international aviation are - a spitting bag.

Whereby the speech is not here from a boring paper bag with airline Logo. No, Virgin Atlantic brought, as world-wide the first airline, a limited edition out of artful printed on spitting bags - art to the Kotzen as it were. 20 versions, everyone of another designer arranged, are in the next six months on all flights of the airline on board.

After successful booty course you should keep yourselves away for the remainder of the flight from turbulences, in order not to have to supply the spitting bag to their actual purpose, because that would reduce the collecting tank value with a gush. The fact that the culture bags will ascend already soon to looked for valuable articles is considered as safe. In the on-line auction house eBay were already paid over 200 euro for individual Brechbeutel from common series production.

The collecting tank municipality re-clamps the entire globe and is represented also in the InterNet - to find under search words like "Speisackerl" or "air disease bag". Also foreign variants like "Pohoinvointipussi" (Finnish) or "Egészséguegyi Tasak" (Hungarian) are represented.

One of the most interesting Web addresses is www.kotztueten-museum.de. The there Tuetothek is equipped with approximately 200 objects, which are provided with affectionate accompanying texts again. Thus the spitting bag is praised of Dan air as particularly user friendly: "width opening, easily in the handling and December duck colors, which do not divert from the actual happening". The imprinted compass is interpreted as warning at flight beginners, "not against the flight direction to excavator buckets".

The Website www.airsicknessbags.de supplies deep views of the Tuetologie . 1481 bags are here met, among them schmuckstuecke like that spitting bag of air Afrique, which becomes affected from a bearing, and which "Prullenzakje" the Dutch KLM, which is printed on with a Kaenguruh - a marsupial mammal, haha -.

On www.bagophily.com one dedicates oneself to rather practical questions. One experiences that the Indonesian Riau airlines has the smallest flying bag on board (11 x 16.8 x of 7.9 centimeters), which seizes straight times 1.2 litres, while the international standard is at 12,4 x 24 x of 8 centimeters and/or scarcely 2.4 litres. Keeps the size record national the American airlines (25 x of 38.5 centimeters), whereby the question is not answered whether the above average bag volume permits conclusions on a flight style particularly below average of the pilots.

The most extensive ejection to the topic is to find under www.vomitorium.co.uk. Here no bag question remains unanswered. Like that the most important manufacturers are listed and all Hollywood works, in which spitting bags play a role, for example "Independence Day". A whole chapter is occupied with folding guidances. That seems to be necessary, because the imprinted operating instructions do not follow standards. Thus air recommends new Zealand to fold the used bag away from itself while Icelandair guesses/advises to fold the filled container in body direction. British Airways does not give a decided folding direction recommendation, suggests however folding the bag once while Japan airlines suggests a double folding.

Also the question, which one does with the bag after the filling up procedure, is answered. With Somali airlines are instructed kuebelnde passengers by bag print to place the spitting bag on the cabin floor. With Pakistan international is recommended to push it under the seat with British Airways and air new Zealand may one it to the hostess into the hand press.

And at Lufthansa? On a speituete of the first generation it meant still: "throw after use not from the airplane, but close and on the soil place." German perfection, which inspires. Advocate finds the Lufthansa bag also because of their successful Design. It has something "from a gediegenen eyeglass case", was jubilant years ago the satire magazine "Titanic", "alternatively in dezentem grey or olive-brown, on the top right a Kranich in the circle, which is to obviously say us: Herons must we all times! Nevertheless: For the intended purpose the bag is actually beautiful too. Who hands itself over already into an eyeglass case?"

With as much zuspruch it does not surprise that in the meantime even a technical book on the market is. "Izmiruebel, the book to the bag" from the feather/spring of the Tuetologen Gerd petrol Rieke is long to the standard work is promoted (Alabasta publishing house). It impresses on 48 sides with illustrations of exotic bags (about of interflight bags handmarked by the pilot) and with special customer (for instance in the chapter concerning bag closing systems). And it uncovers bad states, by revealing that neither Federal Institution for material testing nor donation ever operated goods test seriously bag customer.

In the conclusion chapter weights the author, who dedicated its book to August von Kotzebue that before the start of an airplane only life jacket and oxygen masks are ritually explained. The flight companions would have to demonstrate also the correct use of the bag, demand it: "that would be service! With some suitable words (for example and released us from the evil ) one could show goodwill."

The service thought is high-held calculated against it at the Low Cost societies. Like that - despite the saving potential - still no cases are well-known, in which passengers were requested to bring along own Brechbeutel. The German cheap flier Hapag Lloyd express encourages its guests to express complaints equal from the belly and his bags accordingly printed on: "stands thank you for your criticism", there in large type characters. Innovative.

Articles appeared on 2 January 2005