Doggy bags

It's not just humans who make a mess of the environment. Dogs do too -- and it's up to humans to clear up the do-do. This page features not barf bags, but dog-shit bags.


100% compostable bag. "This is what you do", it says on the reverse, showing you how to lift your dog's do-do off the pavement, insert it in the bag, and dispose of the whole lot in just six easy steps and five languages. 

That's 30 instructions for how to clean dogshit off the ground.

Ah, the delights of baggery... (2003)

Biodegradable Dog-Tidy

A dogshit bag from Down Under -- the Melbourne Cricket Ground, to be precise. Use it to scoop up wombat droppings and kangaroo turds too. As well as to throw up into if the Aussies force the English team to follow on again. 
Thanks to Annabelle Mundy. (2002)


For Scotch Terriers only. The diagrams show this breed produces perfectly spherical excreta.

The manufacturer of this bag, GTSM Magglingen/Zürich, has representatives that cover the all German-speaking pooches: near Giessen in Germany, in Luxemburg and in Vienna. This bag came from Stuttgart.
Thanks to Alan Howlett. (2003)


One of several Czech dogbags on this site. Prague must be one of the cleanest cities in Europe...
Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003)


"La proprete c'est l'affaire de tous!" So you should take a Canipropre bag with you to collect dogpoop - even if you don't have a dog?
Thanks to Frédéric Courtay. (2003)


Vevære til dyr.. Hundeejer: Vis hensyn!

Hope you got that. In case you don't speak Danish, there are little pictures of dogs and their doings to help you figure it out.
Thanks to -- sorry, I've forgotten.


The high-tech answer for concerned dog-lovers. This design, provided by the City of Anchorage for its extensive trail system, features a rectangular loop of sturdy wire holding the bag. Hold the cardboard handle (note the knock-out handhole!) and scoop your pet's poop into the bag. Then just press down, and the wire frame neatly telescopes into the handle, sealing the bag at the same time. The design is patented, of course.
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)


"Thanks for Cleaning Up After your Dog", it says in an uncoordinated mixture of upper and lowercase. A nice touch is the picture of a Doberman guarding a fire hydrant.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2002)


Cleans it up quick as a wink!, this bag claims. It's certainly big enough: 34 x 34.5 cm.

On the reverse are detailed instructions on how to install a bag on your "unit" (whatever that is). Plus, a warning to keep the bag away from babies and not to use in cribs, beds, carriages or play pens. Probably safer to leave the dogshit in such places rather than clean it out with this bag.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2004)

Doggy's Toi Bags

A doggy bag from Germany. With pictures showing you exactly how to dispose of do-do without dirtying your digits. There's a convenient hole at the top too, so you can hang your full bag up while you wash the pavement. 

Dog Station

Ihre Umwelt dankt Ihnen, says this bag (Your environment thanks you). So will your neighbours if you clear up their dogshit too. The bag itself is recyclable but not compostable. From 

From somewhere in Hesse, in Germany. (2003) 

Dog Station (2)

Slight variation on the Dog Station bag above.
Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004)


Comes with a handy cardboard scoop so you don't have to muddy your mitts with muttshit.
Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003)


The Chinese solution for dogpoop (the bag was made there). Features illustrations of eligible breeds. The little pink and grey dog kennels double as arrows pointing to the open end of the bag -- so you know which end to shovel the shit into.
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)

Generic (Kingston, UK)

A generic dogshit bag? How low is it possible for a collector to stoop? Pretty low: right down to ground level in order to bring you the full variation of the bags used to pick up dogshit around the globe.

This nameless black number comes from a park in Kingston, UK.
Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004)

Generic (near Hampton Court, London)

Evidently not from Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace itself, but from quite close by.
Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004)


The pooch in the picture has left behind two steaming turds. From Städtereinigung Nord (North City Cleaners).
Thanks to Matthias Koch. (2003)


"Don't give a dog a bad name..." says Jasper, the cartoon pooch on this bag, "use one of my Poop-Scoops..." This brown, 100% bio-degradable, paper bag features two sturdy cardboard scrapers glued to the opening, so you can scoop up that do-do without feeling its consistency through flimsy plastic (unlike the low-tech Teutonic versions above and below). Little diagrams show you how. There's even a punch-out hole to make a handle so you can carry the bag to the nearest wastebin. 

Poop-scoop is variously translated as "opruimzakje", "Hundebeutel", "Coje cacotas", "Ramasse crotte", and "Sacchetto igienico". The makers, QPS Environmental of Ripon, northern England, are clearly aiming for a Europe-wide market.
Thanks to Steve Jones. (2001) 

KAS úklid

No, I've no idea what the text on this Czech bag says -- though I'm fascinated by the potential connection between "elektrické vysavače", "Pečlivě a profesionálně" and the world of dogpoop.

This bag comes with a high-tech poop-scoop inside. This rectangle of cardboard is scored for folding in a cunning pattern to enable you to scoop up poop of various dimensions and consistencies without getting your hands dirty. Pop both scoop and poop into the bag, and you've fulfilled your civic duty to clean up after your pooch.

Of course, you can always use a broom (like the man pictured on the bag) to sweep any stray faecal particles into the path of pedestrians, who will duly carry the offending matter into their homes and offices on the bottoms of their shoes. Thereby also absolving you of your civic duty.
Thanks to Mark Brace. (2002)

KAS úklid (white)

Same idea as the bag above, but now in white rather than brown.
Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003)

Las Vegas

Home of the bag, not its name. Dog mess doesn't biodegrade in the desert, so it has to be cleaned up before it gets tracked into the casinos (as if Americans ever walked anywhere!). This large bag features three compartments: the main one (white plastic), plus smaller black ones on each side. Use the big one to carry your shopping; use the others for your wallet and your dogshit.
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)

Mutt Mitt

The only dogbag to feature a plug for a website: There's a cartoon of Snowy (TinTin's dog) leaning on nothing. 

The website assures us that the Mutt Mitt "is totally degradable, decomposes with or without sunlight, is non-toxic, and environmentally safe in landfills or incinerators. Biodegradation starts as soon as the mitt is used. For best environmental results, compost after use." From Wheelwright Park in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Wherever that is.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2003)

Pet Pick-up

The doggy bag of choice in Valdez, Alaska. Comes complete with graphic instructions and cartoons of 10 happy Alaskans walking their pooches.
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002) 


Saisir la crotte avec la main protegée par le sachet. In German too!
Thanks to Alan Howlett. (2004)

Poo·ch Pouch

A Keep Australia Beautiful bag from the beach at Margaret River, Western Australia. Full of helpful instructions:

"The no-touch solution to problems that dog you

1. Place hand inside the Poo·ch Pouch and take hold of dog droppings

2. While holding the droppings, turn the Poo·ch Pouch inside out

3. Place Poo·ch Pouch and contents in bin (please close lid)

4. Leave only your "

If only the instructions on barfbags were so explicit...
Thanks to Annabelle Mundy. (2003)

Practica Hundekotbeutel

Little pictures on this Swiss bag show you how to pick up poochpoop without polluting your paws.
Thanks to Verena Hömcke. (2003)

wpe1F.jpg (3550 bytes)


Ever wondered why Switzerland is so clean? Here's why: containers with these plastic bags at intervals along the street. Scoop up your dog's do-do into the bag, and drop it in the container. Instructions in German and French. The German for dog-shit bag is "Hundekotbeutel", and the French is "Elimination de crottes de chien". At 32.8 x 19.6 cm, this bag is big enough for the largest St. Bernard's poop. (1998)

Robidog (potty)

The perverse pooch on this plastic pouch has purposefully posited a poop next to a potty instead of in it.
Thanks to Yumiko and Steffen Mathias. (2004)


The two dogs on this bag are walking past each other. They must have finished sniffing each other's behinds?
Thanks to Frédéric Courtay. (2003)

sbc City

Doesn't show up very well, but this bag comes with detailed instructions on how to use it. If you can't read Czech, try to follow the pictures.
Thanks to Petr Manda. (2003)

Scoopy Doo

Features a mongrel admiring a fire hydrant. When this arrived, it was perfumed -- and not with dogpoop.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. 


"Dĕkuji!", the dog says. Anyone any idea what that means? One of several Czech dogbags. It comes with a handy cardboard scoop to scrape that stubborn excrement off the pavement.
Thanks to Petr Manda


"Merci de ne pas me jeter sur la voie publique..." Please don't throw me on the public way. As if you'd pick up your dogshit in this bag then drop it in the street...
Thanks to Frédéric Courtay. (2003)


That stands for Umwelt - Hygiene - Vertrieb, or Environment, Hygiene, Distribution. Not sure where the distribution comes into it. If you're as curious as I am, ask

The top of the bag exhorts Hundebesitzer NEHMT RÜCKSICHT! (Dog owners, TAKE CARE!) 

Can't wait for more?

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