Ever wondered what the Great and Good (and the Not-So-Great and Not-Very-Nice) do when they feel the need to empty their digestive systems in an unorthodox manner?

Answer: they use a barfbag, just like you and me. Here are some examples.

Click on the pictures to see which bag the boss uses to barf.

King Abdullah of Jordan

In a demonstration of solidarity with his subjects, the Hashemite King reaches for the same bag as plebs who board the Jordanian national carrier. Still, at least the Royal Jordanian bag bears a royal insignia to tell His Majesty what airline he's flying.

George W Bush

The most powerful man in the world has a lot of reading to do before he can use his bag. The bag comes in a little yellow envelope bearing the following briefing: "Motion sickness bag (For use during moments of stomach upset): If an upset stomach is anticipated, remove bag from this container and keep ready for use. Do not be embarrassed by this precaution as even veteran travelers are subject to occasional motion sickness."

Lucky Laura is a librarian: she can read it to him while he eats pretzels.

George H W Bush

Bush Senior is the only one of the world leaders depicted here who does not use a barfbag (even though he is demonstrating the use of one here). He throws up over other countries' prime ministers instead.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Flight has plain white bags. I'm told that this because otherwise people like me would steal them as collectibles.

Unlike Her Majesty, I haven't got my gloves on one of her bags yet. If you click on the picture, though, you get the next best thing: a bag from the QEII cruise liner.

Václav Klaus

Unlike his American counterpart, the Czech president does not need any instructions on how to use a bag. Like many of his peers, his personal bags are depressingly plain.

Horst Köhler

The German president gets a plain old grey Lufthansa bag - not even the snazzy new blue edition issued to other passengers.

Vladimir Putin

Like many of his peers, Mr Putin has to make do with a plain white barfbag. At least it matches the interior decor on his Ilyushin 96.