Movie, video and showbags

Movie barfbags come in two types: ones to use in case the horror flick your partner conned you into seeing is too gross, and ones that hold popcorn for you to snack on before you throw up.

Air Force One

Claims to be the Official Popcorn Bag of the presidential flyer. I thought George Bush snacked on pretzels?

The reverse is packed with details about the real Air Force One: 4000 square feet of interior floor space and 2 fully equipped surgical operating rooms. If you make it to one of the six lavatories in time, you won't need this bag.
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)


From a TV series of the same name aired on the A&E network. "Like this bag, we capture the drama of flying". This bag was an insert in an issue of the American magazine Entertainment Weekly. (The black image is the magazine page it was stuck to.)

Apparently, the Denver Post thought this series "sticks out from the mid-winter lineup like a barf bag on a bumpy flight."

Check out trailer for the show's second season at
Thanks to Bedford McIntosh. (2004)

Beatles Anthology Home Video

For use just in case nostalgia for the Sixties gets the better of you.
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)

Cannibal Ferox

This VOMIT BAG will enable YOU to SEE... Positively The Most VIOLENT Film Ever Made!

There's a blurry red photo of a bunch of scantily clad, long-haired people gnawing on what is presumably human flesh. Ooh, gruesome. 
Thanks to Bruce Kelly.

Jackass the movie

"Warning", it says, "The stunts in this movie were performed by professionals, so neither you nor your dumb buddies should attempt anything from this movie."

Looks like a good enough reason not to go to see it.

The reverse features pictures showing how to use the bag. If only regular barfbags were this communicative, I'm sure puke spillage and airline cleaning bills would plummet.
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)

Mark of the Devil

"This VOMIT BAG and the PRICE of one ADMISSION will enable YOU to SEE... the first film rated V for violence", says this bag. "Guaranteed to upset your stomach... positively the most HORRIFYING film ever made... See it soon at a theatre near you." What a tasteless bag... Hey, if I wanted an upset stomach, I'd prefer to take a trip on the QE2.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (1999) 

Mark of the Devil (Union Camp)

Another edition of the Oscar-winner for nasty design. Made by Union Camp (whoever that is).
Thanks to Christian and Gerhard Lang. (2004)

Never Come Back Airline: Die Travestie-Show

You'll have to go to Solothurn in Switzerland to get one of these bags. Has the price of a ticket (32 francs) and the opening time of the bar (from 19:30). Check out the show beforehand at
Thanks to Walter Brinker. (2003) 

Scary Movie 2

"One sick flick" proclaims this bag: "Scary people wanted... vote for Britains scariest looking person at amiscaryornot on Post your picture to get your scary rating." Pretty weird if you ask me.

The Sun, by the way, is a British newspaper most politely described as "down-market".  Unclear whether you're supposed to use this bag in case of stomach upset while watching the movie, or in case you feel the urge to puke while reading The Sun.
Thanks to Barry Day (2001) 

When the Screaming Stops

"Because of the intense nature of this film, stomach distress may occur. Vomit bag for use when viewing When the Screaming Stops."

Sounds as if a bumpy Aeroflot flight might be more fun than seeing the film.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2003)

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