Russian president Vladimir Putin's plane (or planes, rather: he comes with a fleet of them) on the tarmac at Hamburg Airport, December 2004.

Photos Oliver Conradi, 2004. Captions adapted from Oliver's originals.

1 Putini: IL96 RA96012

2 Inside the prez's plane. Sony VCR and television.

3 Where His Excellency sits when he's not schmoozing with Schroeder

4 Putin's spare plane. If the Ilyushin 96 can't take off, Vladimir transfers to this Ilyushin 62 - RA-86559

5 The Ilyushin from the front.

6 The FSB (ex-KGB) guards are on constant duty to prevent the pilferage of bags from the IL96.

7 IL96 on its way to Hannover. The IL62 waited in Hamburg until Putin had returned from Schleswig on 21 December 2004.

8 Catering: 9000 worth of food for all 4 Putini planes.

9 The FSB aircraft leaving Hamburg on 22 December.

10 Putin's Zil limo inside the IL76.

11 The IL76 used to carry the Zil.

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