Special-issue bags 

It's not only the airlines that are afraid you'll spew over their decor and cause panic among fellow passengers. Boat and bus companies have the same fear... the Swiss provide bags for dog poop, and some hotels have logo-laden litter bags. This and the following pages feature generic or untraced airline bags, bags for use on boats and buses and in labs, while watching movies, and even a non-existent bag from the Eurostar cross-Channel train. There are even some non-bag items.


According to the authoritative barfbags.com site, Ampek bags were made by an entrepreneur as carsickness bags. In the USA, a "comfort room" means a toilet. Does that mean this bag is meant to pee into?
Thanks to Steve Silverberg. (2001)


Every time I hire a car, I ask if the firm supplies barfbags. Nope. This is the first one I've come across. Maybe Avis has taken to renting out planes?
Thanks to Matthias Koch. (2003)


Anti-cigarette bag (description to be posted).
Thanks to David Harris. (2002)

Disposable Bullshit Bag

"Seals BS in.


1. Open bag before opening mouth

2. Tuck open bag beneath chin

3. Start "talking", let the BS flow

4. When full, seal bag and dispose of.

Warning: Do not attempt to dispose of your BS through any government agency since they produce more bullshit than they can dispose of themselves. We suggest that you send it to the major networks in return for all they send out each day."
Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2003)

Disposable Bullshit bag (Australia)

Same idea as the bag above, but with a fresh layout.
Thanks to James Mangan. (2003)

Food Standards Agency

Her Britannic Majesty's Government has got into the barfbag industry by issuing this bag: part of a campaign to raise awareness of food poisoning in the catering industry.

"In the UK up to 4.5 million people a year may suffer from food poisoning. (Makes you sick, doesn't it?)", it says on one side.

The other side is packed with information on how to "reduce the spread of food poisoning germs", like "wash your hands" and "ensure food is cooked properly". There are little pictures showing you how to stock your refrigerator and what a snowflake looks like. I'm going to hang it up in my kitchen for constant reference.

Overall, a nice bag, and a good way to raise awareness of the causes of excessive barfbag use.

Want details? Check this story from the BBC. Hungry for more? The FSA will be pleased to provide more information -- only there's no address on the bag.

But don't despair: a compliments slip that comes with the bag gives www.foodstandards.gov.uk, as well as a mailing address: "Aviation House". Can the link with the airline industry be a mere coincidence? And could airlines reduce the number of unwell passengers by following the FSA's advice?
Thanks to the FSA. (2002)

Guardian exam discomfort

This is a promotional bag for the Guardian educational supplement, a British newspaper. Unique among barfbags, it tells you how to not use it:

"Follow these simple instructions to beat exam nerves: 

Visit educationguardian.co.uk/clearing2002

Sign up for our unique clearing email service

Relax in the knowledge tha you will be equipped however your exams go

Dispose of this bag because you won't need it.

Sign up for our Clearing 2002 email service now and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win one of five pairs of flights to wherever you like in the world. Hopefully it'll be the only time you'll need this bag..."
If only all bags gave such opportunities...
Thanks to Mark Brace. (2003) 

ITI 83

I don't know quite how to classify this bag. It's an airsickness bag (it says so) from International Trading Italia 83... but they don't fly planes -- they make bags. So I suppose it's a marketing bag, so should go on this page rather than among the airlines.
Thanks to Moreno Borriero. (2002)


This bag was used to promote the Mini Cooper (a diminutive car manufactured in the UK). 

"Let's not mess up the interior" it says. "Let's make clickety-clak sounds as we climb to the top. Let's remember to keep our hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Let's spin round and round and round 'til the guy in the back just can't stomach it anymore. Let's motor."

Quite how this promotional blurb is supposed to persuade you to part with your hard-earned cash for one of these cars, escapes me.
Thanks to David Harris. (2003)

Newt Gingrich

Remember Newt? The right-wing American politician who made liberals' blood curdle, then resigned in disgrace in 1998? Well, here's the bag that helped liberals express what they thought of him.

"Warning:" it says, "Reading or hearing Newt Gingrich may cause your gag reflex to automatically trigger a major barf-o-rama scene.

Keep this Newt Gingrich Barf BagTM with you at all times out of consideration for innocent citizens who may be nearby. When the uncontrollable urge to spew overcomes you during a close encounter of the Newt-kind, just open and aim into your convenient and sanitary Newt Gingrich Barf Bag.

When full, do not make the common error of mailing it to: The Honorable Newt Gingrich, House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515, but rather discreetly dispose of it as soon as possible.

Please remember that extremism in defense of uncontrollable barfing is not a vice.


Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2004)

Plüsch Air

Sports a mugshot of a grinning imp. Only 200 of these fine bags were printed by a carnival association in Switzerland called the Bogeteguugger Rekkebach (I think). 
Thanks to Fredy Thuerig. (2002)

Queezy Sack

Colourful generic that Ken Pugh says was sent to him by Winpak, showing that Canadians can manufacture nice-looking bags.

But there's a dispute over this bag's intellectual property. Winpak apparently makes these bags. So too does Arabella Enterprises. Click here for more, or check out www.queezysack.com.
Thanks, Ken (2000).

Queezy Sack (no tabs)

Identical to the bag above, but no tabs. Christian Annyas says this one is also from Winpak -- not Arabella Enterprises. Now I'm really confused...
Thanks, Christian. (2002)

Quyat Erp Barfing Bag

Someone trying to make fun of those unfortunate travellers who suffer from airsickness? "For motion sickness and other emergencies", it says on one side of the envelope. "Successful use of this bag, enroute and without knowledge of the crew or other passengers, entitles you to membership in The Quyat Erp Barfing Society. Dedicated to good clean flying."

The other side continues with this insensitive drivel: "This envelope contains one moisture-proof plastic bag. To be used during moments of motion sickness. After use, seal contents in bag with enclosed tie, and hold in hands like security blanket. Other passengers will appreciate it."

"Quyat Erp", for those non-Americans among you, is an onomatopoeic pun on the name "Wyatt Earp", a western gunslinger who was involved in a shootout at the OK Corral in 1881. I have no evidence that Mr Earp ever hurled while aboard a plane, so his links with the science of bagology appear tenuous.

Order more such bags from W.B. Buethe Enterprises.
Thanks to Jay Labe. (2001) 

Regex Engine Input

Something to do with computer programming: "This bag is part of the "Regular Expression" collection put out by Mark Dominus for his Perl class", according to Steve Silberberg, the source of this bag.
Thanks, Steve. (2003)


Barry Day sent me this bag with a sticker saying "generic bag, light aircraft". That's a typically British understated description of one of the most fascinating bags in the skies. 

The bag comes in a small blue envelope stating: "Sic-Sac: The original Motion Sickness Bag. If an upset stomach is anticipated remove SIC-SAC from this container and keep ready for use. Do not be embarrassed by this precaution as even veteran air travelers are subject to occasional motion sickness."

The Sic-Sac logo features two pixies: an unhappy one holding a Sic-Sac envelope, and another grinning and holding a full bag. The pixies appear to be racing each other: the one with the full bag is in the lead.

There's more on the back of the envelope: "To use: roll top of sac over finger tips. Tie knot in top of sac itself or use attached tie." No hints as to how rolling the sac over your fingers is supposed to help ease your stomach.

Then it has some useful "Suggestions to ease motion discomfort: Regulate air vent for additional air. Concentrate on objects at a distance". In other words, stop ogling the stewardess and look out of the window.

There's more. "Genuine SIC-SACS are moisture-proof and not affected by extreme temperature changes." So much for climate-controlled cabins in light aircraft.

The bag itself is uninteresting: a plain plastic creation with a blue wire tie, held on with a sticker featuring those Sic-Sac pixies.

To get your own Sic-Sac, you might try contacting the makers: Allied Aviation Supplies Co.

Thanks to Barry Day for this gem. (2001)

Sic-Sac (2)

Same wording and overall design as the bag above, but the text on the back of the envelope has been re-typeset.
Thanks to Stephen James. (2001) 

Sick Jon

This "disposable vomit bag" has a "super absorbent pouch". Open up the clear polythene bag, and you find a sturdy grey plastic bag that would do any rubbish bin proud.

Inside that is what I surmise is the super absorbent pouch: a large teabag full of what appears to be salt. "Inner pouch absorbs fluids and supresses strong odors", says the flyer that goes with it.

"Caution: do not swallow absorbent". Especially if someone else has vomited on it?

I guess Jon is the little green man depicted on the flyer.
Thanks to Eric van Amerom for this novel item. (2004)


A buy-it-to-puke-in-it bag from a firm that senses a market opportunity. The www.sicksaver.com site tells us that vomiting is perfectly natural and can result from all sorts of fun-to-have ailments, including motion sickness, allergic reactions, appendicitis, brain anomalies and unpleasant sensory stimuli. Got one of this list? Then buy a pack of five SickSaver bags to avoid damage to expensive upholstery, messy clean-up, additional embarrassment and having to vomit into a public toilet or trashcan!
Thanks to Steve Silberberg

Smart Mom Sak

"Crisis-solving helpers for moms", says this colourful bag. "Smart Mom Saks are leak proof bags perfect for all the unexpected moments in your day!

Grab the Smart Mom Sak for:

bulletLeaking juice boxes
bulletCar sick children
bulletDirty diapers
bulletUnexpected messes
bulletWet toys and clothes
bulletMorning sickness
bulletLeftover food

Great for diaper bags, cars, briefcases and travel."

I'm still trying to work out how to get a carsick child into one of these bags.
Thanks to Christian and Gerhard Lang. (2004)

Snorkel Bob

"I have a spare "Snorkel Bob Barf Bag" direct from Hawaii," said Bruce Kelly. "This never seen before bag is big, colourful and busy with a large picture of what appears to be....., why yes, it's 'Snorkel Bob' himself with snorkel gear inside a shark's mouth! On the back of the bag are helpful hints and what to do if you want to barf.......a little like the classic 'Earl's World Barf Bag' from Homer, Alaska, I sent you some time ago, but Snorkel Bob has completely different colouring and drawings.  This should quickly become a barf bag classic and the centerpiece of a collection."

God knows where Bruce gets these bags from. I don't think I want to find out...
Thanks, Bruce! (2003)

Spike & Mike's Twisted Toons Barf Bag

First of a series of three highly desirable bags. This one features a set of synonyms for barfing: "Gag", "Barf", "Puke", "Toss the cookies", "Lose the lunch", "Spill the gate", "Technicolor yawn", "Playing the whale", "Dry heave", "Laughing at the ground", "Talking to the toilet", and (last but not least) "Driving the porcelain bus". Artwork dated 1984.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2002)

Spike & Mike's Lunch Bag

No less visually stimulating bag from Spike and Mike. This one is and Official Free Souvenir Lunch Bag (aka Barf Bags) from their Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. "Your lunch bag may contain a special bonus prize... Look inside!" it says. Dated 1994.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2002) 

Spike & Mike's Barf Bag

I assume this gem is the most recent in the series, as it's the only one to feature a web address: www.ifilm.com or www.spikeandmike.com. Dated 1997.
Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2002)

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